Requiem for the West

Brave in the face of fire


We spent our first few nights in Denver doing our best to ask Eagle to guide us to which of the undead criminals might be easiest to locate first. After some discussion, we headed to the claims lands, looking for a family that is reputed to have fought off a whole band of natives and survived. After meeting with them, I am far less skeptical than before. Not only did these people know how to fight, they knew our kind and how best to fight us. It also indicated that our kind ahve been amongst theses hills. I thank Eagle for the gift. We did eventually subdue them, and considered ghouling them, but enslaving humans whimsically seems a bad idea. We have returned to Denver to lick our wounds (some of us were burned very badly), and will try again to find information about the Runners.


victim8u scottfunke

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