Requiem for the West

Cowboys and Indians

One would think that a heavily armed – and armored – locomotive would be a deterrent to being waylaid on the road. Apparently, however, it is not.

First, there was the attack by some very annoying cowboy bandits…who were promptly shot to high hell and back. They did blow a hole in the side of our armored compartment that the Red skinned gentlemen Ed and I fixed….while our other two traveling companions went about Cheyenne hunting and causing chaos. I do hope they calm themselves down once we hit Denver and cannot abide such flagrant abuses of our abilities.

Then the Injuns attacked in a most dastardly fashion. Heaping piles of dead buffalo were strewn about the tracks, causing us to derail hours from any form of civilization. After extracting ourselves from this rather unfortunate turn of events, we heard the whooping and hollering of the Indians on their little warpath. This should get interesting.



victim8u scottfunke

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