Requiem for the West

More of Rabbit


A body might begin to think that the Great Spirit doesn’t want us to bring these slave owning Southerners to justice. Our trip so far has been constant calamity, and Rabbit seems to be having his way with us. We were joined by some smoothtalking freshly laundered gunslinger, who thinks he is out to tame these Southern criminals by his lonesome. Then some bootheeled idiots decided to rob the train. I am sure they are telling their Creator of their regret at this choice because we dispatched the 4 that tried to break into our car with all the fury of our kind. It could have gone poorly for us as Father Sun was still burning brightly and would certainly have ended us had we not all kept ourselves awake and waiting for them with some ill gotten wares. After the Irishman and I patched up our door, we thought all might run smoothly, but on our way out of Cheyenne, some of my more savage human kin (no real relation beyond our common complaint against the white man) were Rabbit touched and amused themselves by storing their buffalo upon the tracks. After an unwholesome twisting and turning of our conveyance, we set forth to have a nice conversation with them about this disruption to our plan.


victim8u scottfunke

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