Edoha Tsu'la'na (He who walks around foxes)

He looks every bit the portrait of an Indian until one sees the army uniform, eyes the color of rainclouds, and the red skin dusted a rosy color.


Virtue Hope
Vice Gluttony
Concept Cavalry Scout
Clan Gangrel
Bloodline Hounds of Actaeon
Covenant Circle of Crone


Mental Intelligence 2 Wits 2 Resolve 3
Physical Strength 2 Dexterity 4 Stamina 2
Social Presence 2 Manipulation 2 Composure 3


Mental Crafts 1 Investigation 1 Occult 4 (Cruac)
Physical Athletics 1 Firearms 2 (Bow) Stealth 3 (Camouflage) Survival 2 Weaponry 3
Social Animal Ken 1 Empathy 2 Intimidation 2 Subterfuge 2


Obfuscate 3
Protean 2
Resilience 1
Cruac 2


Direction Sense 1
Fighting Finesse 2 (Tomahawk)
Language 1 (English)
Covenant Status (Circle of the Crone) 1


Intelligence/Wits 10s do not reroll and 1s subtract from successes
-3 to frenzy checks

Health 7 Willpower 6 Blood Potency 2 Vitae 11/1 Humanity 5
Size 5 Speed 10 Defense 2 Initiative modifier 7 Experience 0

Fox’s Taste (Taste of Knowledge) Circle of the Crone p.205 Lvl 1
Raven’s Eyes (Cheval) VtR Core Book p.143 Lvl 2

Experience Spent
3 – Crafts
3 – Investigation
14 – Cruac
10 – Protean
2 – Fast Reflexes
8 – Willpower
5 – Resilience


Born in what is called Kentucky during the New Moon of Spring Festival (March 11, 1828), he grew up amongst a people that had wholeheartedly adopted the ways of the whites, and his father was a fur trapper who had married into the the tribe. He did not remember the Trail of Tears and it was shocking that he had managed to survive the trek though his father died of pox and he saw many of his friends fall as well. In their new home in Indian territory, he and his mother survived on what he could hunt and forage for, and they were close to starving several times. While no friend to the government that had so cruelly marched his people in winter to this barren and cursed land, he realized that serving as an aide to them in their westward move might be the best way to keep himself and his mother alive. So he joined the ranks of the Army as a scout, and all seemed well for a time, until his encounter with a child of U’tlun’ta. It was the horses and dogs that fell ill first, weakened overnight by something. Sometimes they would find them dead. As they moved through the land in the day, all felt well, but at night, he could feel eyes upon him and the other soldiers, and once or twice he could have sworn he saw an abnormally large wolf where no wolf should have been. Soon, the men began to fall to this same wasting sickness, and some of them died too. He was burying one of the dogs and accidentally cut it with the blade of his shovel and noted that no blood came out. He knew then that it was an evil spirit that was assaulting them and resolved to hunt the creature down. So he fashioned a spear made of wood, and began tracking it. He noted that sometimes before a man would become ill that there seemed to be a space before the tent that everyone walked around. He found wolf tracks around the camp sometimes but could not find droppings or any other traces of it being there. On that last cold night of his life, he saw the wolf disappear into one of the tents and he crept close to strike when he could. He was surprised to see it reappear at the edge of the camp and saunter off into the snowy night. He followed as stealthily as he could, hiding himself as well he could in the environs. Unfortunatley he lost sight of it, but continued to follow the tracks. He was confused when the wolftracks became bootprints briefly and then just vanished. Looking around, he saw nothing and heard nothing until a deep and rusty voice spoke behind him and said, “I’ve been waiting for you to find me.” He remembered nothing more until a burning liquid was poured down his throat that tasted like blood but felt like the best corn mash liquor he’d ever tasted.

He has been dead for 10 years now and adopted the covenant that bore the greatest similarity to his own tribe. Because he is an even bigger minority amongst the undead, he has kept his head low and stayed to himself. He has skill at hunting people, though, and it is for this reason he is being sent to the West with a group of others to track down the worst of the Confederate sympathizers. His covenant has also requested this as a way to save face for their lack of support of abolition during the war, though he himself thought slavery was wrong, in much the same way he feels that the treatment of his own people has been wrong.

Edoha Tsu'la'na (He who walks around foxes)

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