Requiem for the West

Well Then

Well then, that was quite the informative, deadly, and interesting evening. A task accepted: travel West and hunt down the vilest vampires the South spawned. And we wasted no time.

A meeting was arranged between the coterie member Ed Fox – whom I peg as an odd Nosferatu or Mekhet – and a Mr Worth, regarding information about our quarries. We met at a theatre, where we met Mr Worth and his associate, Mr Abercrombie. They explained the situation, and offered a counter proposal: join the Southern Invictus coalition, and back the winning side. My other coterie member, Emma, responded with an eloquent version of “Fuck your mother!” and the game was afoot.

After a rousing combat between my associates and I against 3 Nosferatu – the Skinner brothers of the most wanted list – and what I would assume are a Mekhet (Worth) and a Ventrue (Abercrombie), the 3 Skinner brothers were ashed, Abercrombie and Worth vanished, and Emma in torpor. 3 down, 9 to go.

Our reward, after some much unnecessary haggling and Jewery by the Sheriff, was more suitable passage to Denver and a nicer safehouse when we arrive. I will have to say, if the rest of the rewards are dealing with much ungrateful spit-fucks as this Sheriff of Chicago, I will have to say I may regret not siding with the Southern Invictus. Out west we go, with blood on the wind and a city to claim. And once it’s ours, it’ll be our own little sandbox.

- Nathraichean


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