The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly - With the resolution of the civil war, the Covenants lay broken. The decisions to abolish slavery had not only torn the mortal world asunder but created a wound in the vampire world that could only be healed with blood. The northern conglomerate of Invictus, Lancea sanctum and Carthian political bodies came to the agreement that only through defeating the southern Invictus slave lords could vampire society remain hidden. The atrocities during the conflict pushed the boundries of the masquerade to unseen limits: mass diablerie, legions of larvae on the battlefields, ghouls in mortal government, and attempted assassinations on people in the highest seats of political power in Washington. The flagrant disregard of tradition by the southern Invictus spurred the northern conglomerate to take action to ensure that kindred society can remain in the shadows. A cold war continued for years following the end of the Civil War and the vampire covenants moved along the Dixie rails fighting to gain territory where they could.

There Will Come a Reckoning - Eventually, a cease fire transpired and accords were struck between the North and South that resolidified the traditions that would ensure the secrecy and survival of the kindred in a shaky union. The new-deal was signed in blood and under one condition: bring in the vampire generals and slave lords responsible for the chaos that almost brought kindred society to its knees. The blood hunt called roused the lords and generals to exodus from the South. With nowhere to run in the union, they moved west and the Princes and sheriffs reacted, sending their hounds and bounty hunters in hot pursuit. The edict: bring the slave lords and generals back east; the methods used are…at your own discretion. The reward: the western territory and the blessing of your elders to bridge the frontier with the union.

Sally Forth! - Your job as a commissioned bounty hunter or hound is to track down the dirty dozen: twelve vile vampires who have fled out west to escape the long arm of the law. Your commissioner, Frank Dolan – formerly of the Chicago PD – politely put in the call to gather able bodied kindred willing to take up the task of bringing in the dirty dozen in the name the kindred conglomerate and the moral duty to solidify the new kindred union between the north and south. As stated above, the prize: territory and the blessing of the authority out east to push the masquerade to the unknown regions of the open range. The road is laden with dangers, ranging from Indian attacks to werewolves to the hazards of traveling across night and day with nothing but your wits to keep you safe from the sun. Prepare yourselves, for while you will have aid, the meritocratic kindred society will not be there to usher you along. You will have to show your mettle if you want to be the princes of the western boom towns. So sally forth neonate!

All Roads Lead to Rome - Denver, The Queen City of the Desert, lies nestled in a valley in the foothills of the Front Range of the Rockies. Folks claim it’s the largest city between Dodge and Los Angeles, and between Texas and Seattle, making it the perfect place to run a rail to. This also makes it the perfect place for a fugitive bloodsucker to hide in. With the gold and silver rush in high swing, the supply of food is plentiful and the transience of the population make for relatively easy hunting. The rails have just arrived at the precipice of the Rockies and the confluence of workers makes for an ideal place to lay low until the coolies dig a hole into Utah. The most important thing to note is the lack of kindred presence. Vampires are territorial and confined by nature, preferring to settle into an area rather than wander. Traveling to the unknown frontier has been somewhat of a pipe dream for a lot of kindred until now.

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